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Greyhound Dog Racing Backing Tips Daily Selections Service

Daily Greyhound Backing Tips Service

Introduction To Backing Greyhound Dogs For Profit

One of the great things about Greyhound Dog racing is there are only 6 dogs in each race. This means the fewer the dogs we have in the race the greater the chance that we will pick the winner. Unlike horse racing where there can be as many as 40 horses in a race, with some losing their jockey altogether, some being brought down by others, or some falling at the fences and never finishing the race at all

Non of this kind of nonsense can happen in greyhound racing. Everything is alot simpler - and of course that means easier for us to make a profit. To begin with there are no jockeys to worry about, trainers are not so much of a factor as in horse racing, the distances are pretty much standard across the different tracks, and although the things like the draw and collisions with other dogs can ruin a dogs chances of winning, there are lots of pretty good bets available every week on the dogs

Lot's Of Greyhound Dog Races Every Day

One of the great things about Greyhound Racing is that there are lots of greyhound races every day - as many as 20 meetings on a weekend, and the races are fast and furious. The results are quickly known and of course that means if you are on the winner, you stand to get your payout double quick. There are no daft things like stewards enquiries that can hold things up, before you know it the next race is coming and everyone is placeing their bets

The Speed Is What Does It Every Time

The simple rule of Greyhound Dog Form is one simple rule - it is the fastest dog that will win the race. Every time that a dog runs a race its time is carefully calculated and adjusted for any wind speed etc. So straight away we know what the most likely dog to win is going to be. Of course we have to learn how to read the speed figures, this means taking into account things like collisions with other dogs which might hamper a dog so badly that the most recent speed figure is not the right one to give a true reflection of a dogs performance. However by looking carefully at the speed figures we can work out which dogs are the fastest in the previous eligible races, and hey presto, this will give us the edge in finding winners every time

Bag Yourself Some Winners With The Greyhound Dogs Backing Service

Are you ready to get started with backing Greyhounds and seeing the winners pour in month by month? Here is where you can get some top greyhound selections to back every day - 7 days a week. Obviously we can't guarantee you will always make a profit every day, but if you stick with the information week after week, then I am sure you will enjoy backing a good clutch of winners every month

Are you ready to get started? Just click the button below and decide to subscribe monthly, weekly or take the 3 month discount as you prefer. All it costs is just a few pence per day, you'd be mad to miss out on all the winners month by month

Do remember that nothing is certain in any kind of betting, and literally anything can happen. So yes, you could have a bad day once in a while - thats the nature of the sport, but good days happen just as easily and its surprising to see all the winners come in. Do remember that nothing is certain in racing and selections and results can be variable - sticking with it for the longer term is what works and provides the greatest profits overall

Monthly Service £12.50

To get started with the monthly service, please use the button below:

3 Month Special Discount £9.99

To choose the 3 month service, please use the button below:

12 Month Special Discount £8.00

To choose the 3 month service, please use the button below:

Weekly Service £3.99

To get started with the weekly service, please use the button below:

Recent Results

Here I give you a listing of my recent Greyhound Dog Backing Selections. Please note I only have limited time to update these results and so this is done only occasionally due to the time involved, however I will list out more results as time allows. Please remember that there are no clever tricks with these results, everything is given, plus the SP price from the bookmakers. We do not engage in the clever tricks of other websites which make the results look better by listing NOT the SP - starting price - but the best price available. So what you get here is the truth and nothing but the truth! Thanks

Recent Top Selections

Here are the results from some recent top gambles that came off for us







Nov 4th




WON 4/5

Nov 8th




WON 7/4

Nov 9th




WON 5/4

Nov 10th




WON 1/2

Nov 12th




WON 2/1

Nov 19th




WON 7/4

Nov 22nd




WON 5/4

Nov 23rd


Belle Vue


WON 6/4

Nov 27th




WON 5/4

Please note results are updated as time allows, as staffing is limited it may some time before new results are added, but we do update results eventually. Please refer to the Standard Disclaimer and Terms Of Service on the standard disclaimer page, and remember that nothing is ever certain in racing, any dog can win, so do not be deceived that profits are easily made

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