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Horse Racing Ebooks - A To Z Listing

Below you will find a listing of various Horse Racing eBooks available online. Simply click through from any of the titles to find out more

  • The Professional Gambling System Package
    In the next two minutes or less, you could be downloading the most comprehensive, profit-packed betting product on the internet. After six exhausting years of researching thousands upon thousands of gambling systems and guides, we were not surprised that very few offered any real chance of profit. However, we did come across several that could be shown mathematically to put the odds on the punters side. During this six year period we spent a small fortune to purchase the resell rights to only the very best gambling systems and guides that we came across which we then used to put together the professional gambling system package. The 42 gambling systems and guides contained within the professional gambling system package are without doubt the very best of all we have tested. All have proven success over a long period of time - and the acid test of any system - they all produce long term profits. What this professionally written and easy to navigate e-book contains: 42 professional gambling systems which originally sold for over £2000, the techniques for making them work, the tools you need to make your gambling a success, no special skills are required, all of these systems can be started with just a few pounds, all of the systems are low risk and very easy to follow...
    More Info On The Professional Gambling System Package

  • The Boss: Betting On Soccer Strategy
    It's time for the BOSS to give you a pay rise. Here's a truly flexible and versatile way to achieve astonishing betting success taking only a few minutes to prepare. The real proof is in the results - they're simply superb. Statistics dictate that The BOSS will provide you with a constant flow of profits, making you a winner all the way. Although a soccer match has only one of three obvious outcomes you will be surprised at what can be done to achieve your profit without having to resort to accumulators or any fancy named bets. You are only dealing with one match at a time - full stop. Although a soccer-match has only three possible outcomes you will be very surprised at the pinnacle positions you will achieve by using The BOSS to generate your bets. Just look for a few clues - apply your strategy - wait for your reward - it's that simple. Ideally, to use the strategey you will need a computer (PC) connected to the Internet and an account with an online bookmaker. A word of caution - if possible, use more than one Bookmaker, this will allow you to switch around and spread your profits. Winning too often with a single Bookmaker will put your account under scrutiny with the possibility of being closed down or suspended. Another way to avoid the "beady-eye" of a "traditional" Bookmaker is to use a Betting Exchange. A Betting Exchange welcomes profits because they make their money by taking a small percentage commission from your winnings. (In addition, you are likely to get better odds with a Betting Exchange)
    More Info On The Boss: Betting On Soccer Strategy

  • Greyhound Science
    Don't treat greyhounds like the numbers on a dice. Greyhound gambling – don’t play at it! Have you ever heard anyone say that a gambler must be disciplined to make any money from this vast field? Now, cast your mind back to your school days; my guess is that the subjects taught by the strictest teachers, who instilled discipline into their lessons, produced the best academic results. Greyhound racing is a subject, a scientific subject, and if it gets the disciplined approach it deserves will produce very positive betting results. I haven’t always held this opinion, come to think about it I never liked strict teachers either. Some years ago I had a go at greyhound betting but I didn’t look any further than treating each dog like the number on a dice. I just couldn’t see any reason why one number had any reason to win over that of another. Understandably I failed miserably and decided to give this betting medium a wide birth after this disappointing period….BUT, only until I could understand the secrets held by greyhound handicapping. Anticipation, together with a lot of frustration helped me to push forward and after a lot of tweaking here and tweaking there, I developed a forecasting system which started to produce regular profits. Despite the improvement in my greyhound betting activities I felt further refinement was required…..something was needed to filter races down to those which can be analyzed with more confidence, and therefore improve the winning strike rate. If you have ever bet on the greyhounds before, then you have probably been amazed at the number of races available with an online bookmaker; selecting which races to bet on can be a nightmare. I have now taken the dogs by the scruff of the neck and have developed a piece of software which forces the elimination of certain races it forces, in a disciplined way, the selection of races which can only isolate winners in a systematic way
    More Info On Greyhound Science

  • The Wealthy Tipster: It's Not Gambling It's Business
    Have you heard about the new gold rush? it's on right now, and It's time for you to fill your boots. If you haven't heard about the "Gold Rush", don't worry - you haven't missed out because what's happening now is just beginning. If you have heard about it, then the chances are that you have been frantically panning for gold. Well listen to me and stop right now. Instead of standing up to your knees in mud, looking for the big nugget that'll be the key to your fortune, you should be standing on the bank, giving other panners what they want, instead. Not only is it far more comfortable, it's far more profitable, too! But, of course, the "gold rush" of the Old West is long since over. However, modern day fortune seekers are no different from those old west gold panners. Sell them the tools they need in order to make their own fortunes and you'll make your fortune regardless of how these new "miners" fare. So what is this new 'gold rush' that's going to make me a fortune and where is it happening? - Answer Sports Picks. It's happening at all the "Person to Person Exchanges", "Bookies" and "Totes" around the world. Since the advent of "Person to Person Exchanges" such as Betfair.com, an ever increasing number of people have been trying to make money via the Internet on sports and horse racing. And in order to make your fortune, you won't need to place a single bet. Most people have little previous experience with either horse racing or sports and soon find that the winners they pick lose, while the losers they lay go on to win. A very frustrating situation, indeed. But I'm not for a minute suggesting that you should join the greed and gouging that is going on at the exchanges. Not by any means. To understand what's involved, let's take a look back at the last gold rush
    More Info On The Wealthy Tipster: Its Not Gambling Its Business

  • The Lay Betting System
    Two out of every three favourites lose, read on to find a very simple way of using this fact to make yourself easy money on the horses. If you are anything like the rest of us then you have come from the "bet to win" school of horse racing. You scratch around for the best tips and then place your bet with a bookie hoping your horse will come in and give you a payout. What's wrong with that? I hear you say, it's the same system that has always been used. Well it's a great system if you're a bookie, but not so pleasant if you are a punter. Lets look at some facts. In any race only one horse can win so that means every other horse in the same race can loose. Favourites lose 2 out of 3 races, Whenever a favourite has a really good chance of winning, the odds plummet leaving you with very little profit if the horse does win. This is great if you're a bookie but not so good if you are trying to make some money from winners. Over the last twelve months I have purchased quite a few systems but I have to say your lay-betting system has got to be one of the best if not the best lay-betting system I have come across. If you can’t make a profit with this system you never will, have you thought of change the name to "The Exocet". What's the alternative? Well you have probably already heard of betting exchanges like Betfair.com, these companies give you the chance to either place a bet to "Win" just like a conventional bookie or more importantly allow you to "Lay" a bet just like a bookie
    More Info On The Lay Betting System

  • A Horse Racing System For Saturday Afternoon Gambling
    How I turned £1,000 into £5,000 betting on British horse racing on Saturday afternoons. Using a simple and effective horse betting formula, that's exactly what happened in a year. The world of horse racing has lots of gambling advice, tips and systems. But the betting system I am going to tell you about picks horse winners with great consistency. It proved easy and highly lucrative for me – it could for you too! What's more, with the Internet, you could do it from anywhere in the world. We'll tell you how. So how did I discover this? As is often the way, you suddenly stumble across a good idea by accident. Three years ago, I was on holiday with my wife in the Mediterranean. We got into conversation with a British couple there. Having fun and chatting the night away, we learnt they were millionaires. Perhaps it was this mutual interest in making money that made us get on so well! One of Paul's business secrets is to look for something that gives a good return on your money. In retirement Paul has had the time to apply this to an area he has always been interested in – British Horse Racing. He had started to see an exciting formula in the winners. Just for fun he started to keep records and realised it was just that – a horse racing betting system that gives an excellent return on your money. Betting on horses – an excellent return on your money? Now, with my background as an accountant and banker, I just love statistics – but I don't believe anything unless the figures prove it! However, Paul's system made a great deal of sense to me. With complete confidence he said, "Go ahead and test the figures…you'll see!"
    More Info On A Horse Racing System For Saturday Afternoon Gambling

  • Cash Master: Enjoy A Lucrative Tax Free Income
    I've made £1260 in one week using this system and you could too. Now in its fifth year, this Best Seller continues to transform thousands of ordinary peoples lives, and you can join them! I'm an ordinary British guy from London, 40 years old and happily married. Despite being very ordinary, I live in a half million pound house in London and I 'work' from home using a laptop computer in the garden (when it's not pouring with rain!) or in my home office. I've travelled the world and been to places many people wouldn't even imagine being able to go to. I take holidays when I want to and I work when I want to and that's generally a hell of a lot less than most people, yet I'm in the top 5% income bracket. I am not telling you this to brag, I want you to understand that what I do is not difficult and I know for a fact that there are more and more people opting in to this kind of lifestyle every day. It's not always been that way though. I previously had my own jewellery business and found I had very little money left over for myself once I had paid rents, rates, wages and other normal overheads associated with traditional businesses. I knew it was possible to make a full-time income from home without any of the hassle of running a traditional business (or even worse, having a job!), but I didn't realise just how easy it is. I discovered that I could make far more money, with far less hassle all from the comfort of my own home. And I want to share with you one of the techniques I use to do it. Back in 2004 I developed a system that made me a significant weekly income from online bookmakers. Now, I know what you're thinking - you've heard stuff like this before and surely if someone really had a system that worked, everybody would be using it! Well, I've got news for you, a lot of people are! In fact there are at least six thousand ordinary people actively using my system all year round. I still use this system almost every day to make a nice regular tax-free income, and there are thousands of others doing it too
    More Info On Cash Master: Enjoy A Lucrative Tax Free Income

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