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Horse Racing Ebooks - A To Z Listing

Below you will find a listing of various Horse Racing eBooks available online. Simply click through from any of the titles to find out more

  • Learning To Find Winners
    Is There A Way To Make A Genuine Living From Horse Racing? Horse Racing is a great sport, and of course its even better if you can follow a few simple rules and pick more winners. When you win, the bookmakers pay you a very handsome return - being the odds PLUS you stake back as well. So if I back a horse at 2/1 - which in decimal odds is 3.0 - then the bookmaker will pay me three times my stake back, as my winnings. Now if you ask me thats not a bad method of making some serious money! Understanding The Form Of Horses. Have you even sat and wondered what it actually takes for a horse to win in a race? Many people who watch racing get the impression that the winner is a game of chance - but let me tell you here right now - nothing could be further from the truth. You see most of the horses in the race have no hope of winning whatsoever!
    More Info On Learning To Find Winners

  • The Mathematical Winners Horse Ratings Formula
    Do You Need A Fast Easy Way To Come Up With Winners Even If You Have No Idea On Horse Racing Form? And All It will Take Is 5 Minues? Let Me Introduce You To The Mathematical Winners Horse Ratings Formula. Are You Like Many Horse Racing Punters Who Are Left Scratching Their Head Uncertain Which Horse To Back? Do You Need A Fast Easy Way To Cut To The Chase And Pick Out The Winner - Even In Five Minutes Flat? The Awesome Power Of Mathematical Horse Ratings. Have you ever wondered what it would be like to come up with lots of winners in horse racing? And All down to the simple but awesome power of maths - otherwise known as a simple calculator! Its Proven: Horse Ratings Is The Quickest Way To Find A Winner Everytime
    More Info On The Mathematical Winners Horse Ratings Formula

  • Easy Trader Horse Racing Betting System
    "By midnight tonight, I will have made £100-200 from Betfair...what about you?" ... well, give me a few seconds and I will show you the simple way to join me, but first I have a question. Have you ever felt that it's almost impossible to make good money from Betfair? Be honest, now. I think we all have, haven't we? Join in with me if you have ever: Paid £100's for a trading system that promised the world but delivered nothing, Joined up to a laying service only to see your profits wiped out with a single bad tip; Become a member of a tipping service that delivered up-and-down results; Wondered whether you are ever going to get anywhere with this whole Betfair thing!? Believe me, I know how you feel. I was once the same
    More Info On Easy Trader Horse Racing Betting System

  • Top Betting Strategies That Win
    They Laughed When I Said I'd Make My Living Betting on the Horses but they're not laughing now! The astonishing, simple, ingenious, and proben fast-cash secret of an inspired betting and gaming entrepreneur. And It's Proofed by the UK Racing Press! Punters look for winners, not fancy colour adverts endorsed by famous racing personalities. The Legacy© may come with modest presentation, but has proved to be an explosive winner-finding system that leaves its flashy competitors far behind. The System is definitely an investment and not an expense
    More Info On Top Betting Strategies That Win

  • False Favourites For Guaranteed Loosers
    Would you like the answers to these questions and so many more like them? Why do some favourites romp home while others don't even place? Why do some races produce a higher percentage of losing favourites than others? Why do some favourites perform badly at certain courses? Why do one fifth of all the winning horses in the UK come form the top 12 trainers. I would like to help you make consistent profits from laying favourites, and share with you all the powerful information that I've learnt the hard way through trial and error over the years. Everything that now enables me to make a realistic daily profits from racing. Don’t waste another moment of your precious time, or money on any of those other overpriced useless systems, or tipping services that just lose you money. Believe me I've already been there and back twice over, and bought the t-shirt. All this research and much more has gone into creating my system false favourites, which will show you exactly how to make consistent profits laying horses over; Jumps on the Flat and the All Weather, furthermore you will get all the updates and new developments to my system as they happen totally free for life
    More Info On False Favourites For Guaranteed Loosers

  • Three Minute Systems
    Now You Can Finally Make A Living Betting On Horse Racing - Guaranteed. Discover how to make £200 to £500 per day using simple, yet effective, horse racing systems, that take just three minutes to select winners. If your interested in making an easy, tax free income giving you financial security, then this is going to be the most exciting message you'll read this year. Why? Because you’re just a tiny step away from being one of the precious few allowed to learn my secret 3 minute systems that can guarantee you'll start winning from betting on horse racing from today. Once you have these hidden systems in your hand, everything gets real easy. And the money just gets ridiculous. I mean I earned a full time income last year using these exact systems. Don't believe me? I wouldn't either. A couple of years ago I'd have never believed anyone could make this kind of money from horse racing. And if you're like me then I bet you've purchased other so called winning systems only to be let down time and time again. I've spent hundreds on formulas and software that was meant to be the next best thing and it was just a bunch of crap. It's true and that's one of the reasons I've blown my silence on this. I'm sick and tired of seeing people get ripped off all the time. This is why before I even tell you about my system I'm going to prove that everything I say is true. Just look what a couple of the top people in the industry are saying about me
    More Info On Three Minute Systems

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