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Horse Racing Laying Tips Daily Selections Service

Horse Racing Laying Tips Service

Introduction To Laying Horses For Profit

The whole idea behind horse racing laying is that you simply back the right horses to lose - not to win. If you have ever tried winning on the horses you will know it isn't that easy. However when it comes to backing the horses to lose, there is a much better betting proposition. To begin with many horse races have lots of horses competing - i.e. big fields. If you have a field of 14 or 20 horses running in the race, then it stands to reason that the odds of any of them winning are much reduced. As a general guide the true odds of any horse winning a race are the number of runners less 1. So if there were 16 horses running in a race, this would mean the true odds of any horse winning are as long as 15/1 i.e. 1 in 16 chance which is only about 6%. To put it the other way there is a 94% chance that any one horse will lose! This is our potential opportunity to lay the horse at pick up our winnings

The key to being successful in the longer term is simply to follow a system that really works. If you look at most horse racing websites on the internet you will find that most of them come and go very quickly. This is simply because horse racing is not that easy, even the "guru" pundits on Channel4 racing can't get it right most of the time. However here at winninratings.com I have devoted my lifes work to finding systems that really work - not just for a few months but for years at a time. There's far geater chance that you will make money with a system developed by someone that makes money everyday from horse racing. You can forget the fly by night websites, with bogus promises, that have close to no chance of ever working out for you

Being Successful With Laying

The trick with being successful with laying horses is simply to stick to selections which the betting exchanges give you at shorter prices. If you are always laying at big prices then you will come a cropper sooner or later. On the other hand if you just blindly lay horses at shorter prices you will also lose overall because alot more horses at the top of the market will win - at the end of the day they are not shorter prices for nothing. However if we have a good system for laying horses that actually do lose, then if we go to the betting exchanges and only lay them when we can get a short enough prices for it to be worth our while, then bingo we are on to a winner

Most punters get it wrong because they just get all excited and think wow lets just lay everything, thinking "I could make a fortune with this"! Never is there a quicker way to lose everything! Instead set yourself a target for the price you are prepared to accept. This is a balance between too big and the occasional looser will take all your winnings or too short and too few loosers will mean your profits are whitled away with ease. The trick is to wait for the bargains - a potential loser at the right price e.g. 2.0 or less

Here's What You Get With The Service

For an extremely low price that anyone can afford, I provide you with my top horse racing laying selections. You will simply receive the information by email early in the morning. You can then go over to Betfair or any similar betting exchange, and lay which ever horses you want. There are usually selections most days, and this should make it easy for you to back the right horses that will lose, but there will also be days when they aren't any selections, so its best to take the tips for the longest subscription period - currently 3 months - so that you have the information at a cheap price for a longer period, then you are guaranteed to get lots of tips over the subscription period, even if there are quieter periods with fewer selections

There are different methods to use when you are laying, but one method I recommend is to lay all horses selected by my system which are available at standard bookmakers like ladbrokes, corals etc at less than 2/1 to back, then simply lay these at Betfair. This is because, should the horse actually win, then your losses will be very small. For example consider a situation when you lay a horse available at Betfair for just 4/5, should this horse actually win, then you will end up paying out only £1.80 for a £1 stake. So this way even if you get a few winners, you should still end up ahead overall in the longer term

As an overall guide, on prices available on the Betting Exchanges, the best policy is never lay a horse that is over 5.0. Simply make 5.0 your maximum lay. This is because sometimes bigger priced horses will win, even though they might not have any form much to speak of. So no matter how attractive it seems at the time, do not ever be tempted to lay something at bigger than 5.0, you will make alot more money if you make this your rule. The worst possible thing is to be doing quite nicely with plenty of losers and then be "hit" by something really big e.g. 6/1, 7/1 etc, all because you didnt follow the rule never to lay at bigger than 5.0. If you want my advise then I would say be patient and wait for the selections which are less than 2/1 to back at ladbrokes, and then lay this at betfair, this has a good chance to work for time and time again

You will notice that my prices for the Horse Racing Laying Service are the same as for my main Horse Racing Tips Service. However don't get confused! The services are totally different - I just keep to the same low prices, so that everyone can get in on the information

Risks Involved In Laying

There are significant risks involved in any kind of betting. However with laying you do need to be aware that should any of your selections actually win, then you will lose not only your stake, but also the win part of the bet as well. For an example, if you were to back a horse to lose, which was quoted at 6/1 at SP, then you would lose not only your £1 stake put also the win part of £6, making a total of £7 all together. This is an extreme example, but you do need to be aware of the risks involved. This is why I say never lay a horse at bigger than 5.0. This way you will avoid such big priced winners and keep your profits intact. As they often say - "high risk: high reward" - this is certainly true of horse racing laying. If you get it right then there will be very few winners, so you pick up your stake every time. However you will occasionally come across a winner, so this will knock you back a bit at the time, but you need to keep your cool, and keep on laying as the maths are in your favour overall. Of course if you stick to my rule never to lay at bigger than 5.0, then you will be "singing in the bath" knowing that you just avoided laying something at a bigger price!

My Specialised Horse Racing Laying Service

I have developed several of my own Horse Racing Laying Systems that produce a good number of selections month by month. All sets of tips are provided for the all subscribers to the service. The selections cover all Horse Racing meetings that are listed in the Racing Post - this is often at between 3 and 6 meetings. So you should have plenty of selections to choose from especially if you opt for the 3-monthly subscription period

As with any kind of betting the best way to make the maximimum amount of money from Horse Racing Laying is to be selective and lay only selections which are at an attractive price or where recent selections have won. Always remember to quit while you are ahead. Once you become greedy and think you may as well lay all the selections, then disaster - in the form of a winner - is lurking round the corner!

The more horses you lay, the quicker you will come across a winner, and that could ruin your whole laying strategy. If you follow this simple laying procedure, of being more careful, the best returns will be obtained over the longer period. Some people do lay horse after horse through the day, but I personally would not reccommend this strategy, as sooner or later you will come accross a winner. Better to avoid the winners all together. There is no need to be greedy: one good lay carefully chosen can put your laying returns on the right tracks. And of course we don't want to be laying anything at bigger than 5.0 on the Betting Exchanges, so these simple rules should keep our profits in tact

One of the reasons I particularly like laying is that there are always more selections in laying than there are in backing, so if you make say 10% profit overall, but with alot more selections, then its easy to chalk up a bigger income overall

Finally do remember that nothing is certain in any kind of betting, and literally anything can happen. So yes, you could have bad periods as well as good periods - thats the nature of the sport. Murray Walker once famously said - "Anything can happen in Formula 1, and it usually does" - not bad advice! Betting is all about analysing your risks, and stacking the odds in your favour wherever possible - let the mugs back in every race, while you get in quick make your return, and then get out just as quick - keep your head (and your wallet!) while everyone else is loosing theres! Do also remember that we cannot guarantee the number of selections you will receive over any subscription period, as there will be quiet periods with much fewer selections. Neither can we guarantee results. All our services are subject to our standard terms of service which are available on the terms of service page

Monthly Service £12.50

To get started with the monthly service, please use the button below:

3 Month Special Discount £9.99

To choose the 3 month service, please use the button below:

12 Month Special Discount £8.00

To choose the 12 month annual service, please use the button below:

Weekly Service £3.99

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Recent Results

Here I give you a listing of my most successful recent Horse Racing Laying Selections. For those of you who are new to "laying" as a method of betting, all that is required is to back the selections to lose! It might seem a bit odd, but laying means we are betting that the horse in question will lose. The selections give a good success rate, though this will vary over time. Most of the horses I select to lay actually will lose, which means many bet will give us a payout. If you go to a company like BetFair, then you can bet any horse to lose. However as with any form of betting, do please remember that there is always a risk involved, so you should always be prepared to lose a bet. Any horse in the race can win or lose as the case may be. If you are a bit cautious then I would suggest you concentrate on selections where the odds are shorter so that shuld the selection actually win you wont be hit by any big priced winner. Remember being selective is always the key

Listed below are some recent results, which should show you that laying horses can be a good method of betting, and is likely to be more successful than backing horses to win. However, as with anything in life, the system is not fool proof and therefore you should always finalise your own selections

Some Of The Best Lay Touches Recently Achieved







June 2nd



Stickee Fingers


June 3rd



Cougar Kid

LOST SP 15/8

June 4th



Precision Five


June 4th




LOST SP 11/4

June 5th





June 7th



No Win No Fee


June 8th



Cap Xenia


June 9th





June 12th



Von Blucher


June 13th




LOST SP 11/8

June 15th



Always Resolute


June 16th




LOST SP 11/4

June 16th



Fine View


June 16th



Penang Paparaja


June 18th



Forgotten Rules


June 20th



Love On The Rocks


June 21st



Heading To First


June 23rd





June 23rd



Dear Bruin


June 25th



Pyjama Party


June 26th



Yet Again


June 28th





June 29th



Limerick Lord


June 29th





June 30th



War On The Rocks


Results are updated as time allows - this will mean that sometimes several months will pass before I have the time to enter all the new results, however it DOES NOT MEAN the results are bad or there is some trickery going on in the results, or even that I have given up or the service is off line etc - all completely true stories that I have emails about in the past. I know the world is full of cynics and who can blame them with the multitude of scammy websites out there, however on this site what you get is the truth - plain and simple. Do remember that any form of betting is extremely risky and profits are not easily made. There are not bookmakers on every street corner for no reason. All my systems are produced and researched by me, and the tips I provide are the best you will find anywhere for the low prices that we charge - just pennies per day. Please refer to the Standard Disclaimer on the standard disclaimer page as this gives our full terms of service

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