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Daily Horse Ratings Subscription Service

Daily Horse Ratings Service

My daily Horse Ratings Service provides subscribers with the full ratings figures for both main ratings databases, for every horse running in a race. The figures are calculated according to my master ratings system, which aims to asses the form of a horse based on its recent runs, especially taking into account such factors as the class of previous races, the lengths beaten, handicap form, non handicap form, trainers, jockeys etc, and we also have a second rating called the FRM rating which looks at recent form in the last two races only. From experience, I would say there is no better way to select "value" horses, at bigger prices, than by using reliable ratings. The ratings from my "The Best Yet" master formula, regularly find winners and return an overall profit sometimes with as high as 80% or strike rate or higher, especially when using the Pro Form Selection Method. We have even had days when ALL of the selections from the Pro Form Selector have won

The Horse Racing Cards I supply have two completely independent ratings for every horse, plus of course the Official Rating of the British Horse Racing Board. The really exciting thing about using my ratings, is that there really is no better winner finding method available online today. This is because I have developed a unique master horse racing system that works only with my ratings, called the Pro Form Selection Method. This method is based on the simple idea that horses should be backed when they are top rated by both the TBY Master Rating, and the FRM form rating. Using this method is super easy, you simply select a horse when it is top rated by both the TBY master rating and the FRM rating. In these circumstances when the TBY master rating is 60 points or higher and the FRM rating is 13 points or higher and the horse is declared as favourite in the betting forecast and the horse came first last time out, then we have a truly amazing winner finding tool, that is unrivaled elsewhere. The Pro form Selection Method often produces winners at a strike rates of around 50% and so is well worth following. The best selections are also when the horse is Top Weight and first on the card. All the information you need to run this system is in the cards I supply right here from this website. Simply set up your subscription and you are ready to get started

Obviously nothing is certain in racing, and any horse can win a race. The problem with "public form" as printed in the newspaper, is that you don't know, for each finishing position, what the class of previous races was or by how many lengths the horse was short of the winner. A horse could have come sixth in a high class race but be only 3 length short of winning - however you might be misled by the public form figures into thinking the horse came "nowhere". Therefore to be armed with a good rating can make a big difference in winning more races, and seeing more of your selections coming first past the post. If you just look at the number of top rated selections, that come close to winning, often at really big prices, this shows how effective the ratings formula really is

How Ratings Produce The Best Winners

Horse ratings are not about backing a horse in every race. This is what mugs do every day at the bookmakers shop and they lose all their money just about every day. The whole point of ratings calculations is to pin point the best races and the best horses to back, by being selective. This is because the best horses will have a higher ratings figure - it's really that simple. The ratings looks at the previous form of each horse and calculates a rating based on what a horse has achieved in the past. So the better a horse the higher the rating. By concentrating on the higher ratings according to the Pro Form Selector Method which I have put together and tested over several years, we have one of the best winner finding tools available. Just about every month we return a level stakes profit, even at SP, so with the better prices available on the betting exchanges and by taking early prices available at some bookmakers, you can do even better

There is a really huge difference between different types of races, from banded races and maidens all the way up to listed and group races, in fact there are many factors to the best horse racing selections. To treat all races the same for example is a recipe for disaster, and this is why people often lose their bets. The ratings formula takes account of many things and this is all put together in the final rating achieved for each horse. Remember selectivity is the key to long term success in racing. Don't make the mistake of thinking we are going to back a horse in every race. Instead, by using the Pro Form Selector Method the ratings gives us a few selections each day which have an excellent chance of success. It is very easy to see which selections should be backed simply by using a simple formula, which I call the Pro Form Selector

Historical versus Recent Form: The Secret Of Successful Ratings

The secret of the Pro Form Selector Method is by using two completely different ratings. What makes the system really work is that horses need not only to have the historical form to win a race but also the recent form to win. This is a critical distinction. This is where most ratings methods go wrong - they only have one rating based on the historical form i.e. yes the horse over its lifetime has the form to win this race, but unfortunately at the moment it may be out of form for some reason

So by putting to two bits of the jigsaw puzzle together - historical form and recent form - we can turn up the best selections and be ahead time after time

What You Get For Your Money

I provide you with my full ratings calculations for each horse that is entered to run a race. I also provide you with the standard racing card so that you can see the details of the trainers, jockeys, weights, form, draw etc, as well as the betting forecast. My two ratings are contained in the two columns at the far right, and I also provide you with the Official Rating from the British Horse Racing Board. The whole card is designed to be printed off and taken down to the racecourse or to the bookies as you prefer. The card is nicely put together and I am sure you will enjoy receiving the information daily by email. The format I currently use is in MSWord, which should be already on your computer. If you dont have this program installed then you can obtain a MSWord Reader free of charge from the Microsoft main website. I send you the racing card including my two ratings as a Word document as an attachment to the main email message. You will simply need to download the attachment in order to print the card off. Please ensure that you have your email account set up so that "attachments" are allowed. Otherwise simply signup for a free email account with yahoo at www.mail.yahoo.com or gmail at www.gmail.com - we have never had any problems with sending out the main Microsoft Word document to people using the yahoo or gmail mail system

So What Is The Pro Form Selector Method?

The Pro Form Selector method, is simply a fast proven method to use the ratings that we produce here at the "Best Yet Horse Ratings" website. From using ratings myself over many years I know of course that the secret with ratings is to know which races to select from all the races that are available each day. If you simply followed the top rated of any ratings provider - whether people like the Racing Post or Time Form etc or even if Einstein put them together - then you would lose overall. This is simple fact. However by selecting only the best rated using our special tried and tested formula, which makes a profit almost every month, then you have a successful method that can be relied upon time and time again. Most ratings providers are great at produce ratings, but completely useless at making an overall profit from them - that's because racing is more difficult than just blindly following ratings. With our ratings you will make a profit every month if you follow the Pro Form Selector. Of course anything can happen in racing and bad months can happen, but sticking with what works has to be your best strategy

So how do we use the Pro Form Selector? Its really simple we just back all horses which are top rated by both the TBY ratings and the FRM rating, where the TBY is 60 points or higher and the FRM is 15 points or higher, and where the horse came first last time out, and is favourite in the forecast. It couldn't be simpler. You can also improve your results still further by restricting your bets to card #1 horses only i.e. the horse must be first hoses listed on the card, which overall tends to give better results, although less selections. The TBY and the FRM are our own in-house ratings formulas and are found in the last two columns of the horse racing cards we supply. All the information you need to operate the method is clearly shown in the racing cards you will receive daily 7 days a week, once you start your subscription with us. The cards are sent out early in the morning, so by 8am you should have the cards in MSWord format waiting for you in your email inbox, as an attachment. Simply download the attachment and bingo you are in business

Terms Of Service In Brief

The Horse Racing Cards and Ratings service is a information service available by subscription. This means that by clicking on one of the buttons below, you create a subscription with us, covering our monthly or weekly fees. Once we receive confirmation that your subscription has been created, and monies paid, we will enter your email details in the database of subscribers. You will then receive information from us daily, so long as your account remains in good standing. However, if you decide to cancel your subscription, then all details of your account will be deleted and your email address will be removed from the database of subscribers immediately. You will receive no further contact from us, and no refunds will be issued for unused subscription periods. We do not pester anyone with emails, in fact if you cancel your account with us then we do not send out any further email at any time to you. If you would rather just receive free information, then do please signup for our newsletter, and you will receive lots of valuable interesting information free of charge. Above all do remember that there is no silver bullet or magic potion with racing, we can certainly make an overall profit, but please don't think that success in horse racing is easy. There are not bookmakers on every street corner only too happy to take all the money that is thrown into their hands everyday for nothing! Do remember the same system that will provide five winners in a row will also provide five losers in a row. Its all a question of sticking with the plan and knowing that the system makes a profit overall even though short term results can turn against us from time to time

Monthly Service £14.99

To get started with the monthly service, please use the button below:

If you wish to cancel an existing subscription, please use the button below. Please note: For accounting reasons, cancellations are effective immediately, therefore we suggest you wait till as near your renewal date before cancelling your account with us

Weekly Service £5.99

To get started with the weekly service, please use the button below:

If you wish to cancel an existing subscription, please use the button below. Please note: For accounting reasons, cancellations are effective immediately, therefore we suggest you wait till as near your renewal date before cancelling your account with us

3 Monthly Discount Service £11.99

To get started with the 3 month discount service, please use the button below:

If you wish to cancel an existing subscription, please use the button below. Please note: For accounting reasons, cancellations are effective immediately, therefore we suggest you wait till as near your renewal date before cancelling your account with us

Anuual Full 12 Months Discount Service £10.00

To get started with the Annual Full 12 month discount service, please use the button below:

Monthly - Saturdays Only £4.99

To get started with the monthly subscription - Saturdays only service, please use the button below:

If you wish to cancel an existing subscription, please use the button below. Please note: For accounting reasons, cancellations are effective immediately, therefore we suggest you wait till as near your renewal date before cancelling your account with us

Horse Ratings For One Day Only: £1.99

To buy just one days ratings, please use the button below. This might be ideal for you if you want the ratings for Saturday Racing only.
Please Note: I must have your order no later than 2am on the day you wish to receive the ratings. It is best if you try and make your payment sometime on the day before racing i.e. upto midnight, but I do a check in the early hours of the morning before racing

Just so that we're all clear about what I mean, if you wanted the Ratings information for a Saturday, then ideally, come to the website and pay the £1.99, on the Friday night. Then when I do the final check in the early hours of Saturday morning, your name will be added to the database, to send out the Cards and Ratings on Saturday morning


Recent Results

All the results on this page are updated only occasionally, so please be patient to see the most recent results added below. The results printed on this page are real historical results, there is no attempt to conceal losers or try and trick you into thinking the results are better than they really are. I am unable to update the page more frequently due to the time factor involved, but I can promise you that eventually the most recent results will appear below. Please remember that there are no guarantees that results in the past will necessarily be repeated in the future, however the systems are carefully put togther and tested, and over the 10 years plus I have been running and developing new horse racing systems, the results have not significantly altered year on year

Some Of The Best Gambles Landed From The Ratings

Here are some of the best gambles landed recently. All correctly predicted by the ratings and fantastic winners at great prices. All prices quoted at SP or Starting Price. You generally get a better price than this at the online bookmakers and exchanges







June 1st



Amy Blair

WON 4/1

June 1st




WON 9/2

June 1st




WON 9/2

June 2nd




WON 7/2

June 2nd



Compton Prince

WON 9/1

June 2nd



Livella Fella

WON 10/3

June 3rd




WON 11/2

June 3rd



Soldier In Action

WON 12/1

June 5th


Newton Abbot

Lake Chapala

WON 9/2

June 5th




WON 7/2

June 5th



Stake Acclaim

WON 10/1

June 5th



Pillar Of Society

WON 6/1

We would recommend that you read our Terms Of Service before signing up to any of our Horse Racing Services. Please note that you are signing up to a contract, which incorporates our Terms Of Service. All subscribers must agree to and fully comply with our Terms Of Service. In simple terms this is the basis on which we do business

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