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Horse Racing Tips Daily Selections Service

Daily Tips Service

Introduction To Horse Racing for Profit

Anyone can make a profit from horse racing: its all a question of having the right system to follow, and then simply following the selections, to collect an overall profit. This is not to say its easy - many things that are possible are not easy - for example landing on the moon is possible but its only ever been managed once - "one small step for man one giant leap for mankind"!

Now what all this means in horse racing is that it takes years - lots of years - to find and develop a good reliable system of rules to follow when selecting a horse in a race. This is my passion - this is what I do 365 days a year, year after year. I carefully collate all the results, and analyse them to find the best long term systems that will return for us a level stakes profit, even at SP - otherwise known as the starting price. All of my systems have several years worth of results, so we can be certain that we are following the best long term successful systems that there are out there. If you follow these systems you should make a profit. There will be losers, I can't stop jockeys falling off or the inevitable piece of bad luck - that's just a fact of life in the sport of horse racing, but my systems and my data prove without question that if you followed the best systems over a reasonable period you should make an overall profit - period

Think of it this way - if someone came along and said here is a system that has been winning every year for the last three years, would you follow it? You'd be mad not to! So what I'm giving you is not some make believe, but the real deal. Look at the results below on this page and you will see that we have lots of winners every month

Believe me, you will find all sorts of websites that make all kinds of claims and use all manner of trickery to make you think that things are better than they really are. I don't do that - I'm a blunt yorkshire man, and I give it you straight. Now this is what you can get right now - simply stick with the systems that I have developed and bingo you are set for good quality information and winners every month

The Advantages Of A Good Reliable Horse Racing System

The advantages of a system above any other form of "tipping" is that with a system we know that it makes a profit, even at level stakes, and even at the worst price available from the bookmaker - namely the SP or starting price. This means you can always rely on a system - providing of course the system is sound. If you just get "tips" then what if the tipster is not that good?, or hits a bad patch? - this could spell disaster for you

With a system based approach on the other hand there is total reliability. All the systems I use I have developed myself over several years, and you can see the proof that it works right here on this page, in the results section. I have listed all my recent results so you can see it works at a glance. Yes, that right, this is no fly by night system that might not work, this is long term success with a capital "S". So just imagine how much money you would make if you followed the selections of a system that is already proven over 3 years and more to return an overall profit - even at level stakes, and even at the short price the bookmakers will give us as an SP bettor. Of course you can do much better with earlier prices, which all boils down to even higher profits for you. Of course nothing is guaranteed in racing and anything can happen on the race track, but a system approach can help you pin point the most likely winning opportunities

Here's What I Provide

I provide you with the best selections of the day direct to your email account. I dont make any grand claims, except that those of you that have followed me for a while know I provide some great tips for you to back. This is not intended to be a gambling service - there are plenty of sites online where you can gamble, if thats what you want. I believe in using horse racing to make money - and have fun at the same time. My top selections often win around 50% of the time - although of course nothing is guaranteed. If I maintain 50% strike rate, and the bookie pays me more than evens, then every race will make me a profit. This is the guiding principle of my horse racing systems. The odds are in my favour because of my 50% plus strike rate. Yes it does mean being selective, and there might not be a bet every day - but overall we are always ahead. I can also provide you with my top selections of horses to lay to lose, however this is provided as part of the lay service, so if this is what you are looking for then take a look at the horse racing laying tips page. If you want both horses to lay and to back then why not simply subscribe to both services and get the best of both worlds? Please remember nothing is guaranteed in racing and anything can happen on the race track. I run various horse racing systems and I indicate to my subscribers which ones are producing the best overall strike rates and overall returns. Not everything will get 50% strike rate but you should manage at least 30% with most reasonable systems

Full Money Back Guarantee

You can receive my tips every day at a totally giveaway price. Simply scroll down the page and choose either the monthly or weekly option. You will start receiving my tips immediately. I am an honest straightforward kind of person - I don't do "hype" or "get rich quick" tricks. Please try out my service and tell me what you think! Please note no refunds will be processed in respect of cancellations i.e. when you cancel your account details will be deleted immediately. If you wish to cancel then please wait for the day before your subscription and cancel then. Please remember nothing is certain in horse racing, and any horse can win a race. There is no silver bullet or magic potion. I recommend that you take a look at my standard terms of service and other legal information on the standard disclaimer page

I am not here to deceive you - winning in the horse racing game is possible, but certainly not easy! Yes you will find all kinds of tipping services/ premium phone lines etc which make it sound as if all their tips win. However the plain fact is most of them return a net loss overall - as well as costing a fortune in phone charges. Do not be misled into thinking horse racing tips will make you into an instant millionaire - there will be winners, but there will also be losers

Honest Dependable Service

My service is competitively priced and my results are second to none. I know how hard it is to win consistently month after month, and my tips are the result of over 10 years research. I have 100% confidence in the information I provide to my clients. If I lose I take it personally i.e. I am here to serve you and if my service doesn't perform then I have let you all down. For me this is a deadly serious occupation - If I don't win then my tips wouldn't sell and therefore my business would suffer. I started backing horses when I had a long period of unemployment. I found I could back horses more selectively i.e. one bet every now and again, when the data was right, rather than loads of bets every day or every week. This put me ahead overall. Most people who loose on horse racing or betting in general, do so because they back too many selections - its that simple - "the more you back, the more you lose" is a truism. However being selective is the key to being successful. Most people are not prepared to wait for the right selections to come along, and I understand this - it can be very frustrating checking the data every day only to find that quite a bit of time passes by before the right bets come along. However in my experience this is what you must do, if you are to be successful

How Much Does It Cost?

The service I offer is simple and straightforward. I have kept the prices right down to the barest possible minimum, so that everyone can get in on my information. All it costs is just £12.50 a month or you can choose the weekly option, which is only £3.99. I also have a 3 month discount price of just £9.99 a month, or go annual for £8.00 a month. Many premium rate phone lines charge you £1.50 a minute and waffle on for several minutes before giving you the information. This means you can end up paying £5 for information that doesn't win anyway. My service will cost you from only £3.99 - and that's for a whole 7 days. If you choose the monthly option then all you pay is from just £9.99 for a full month of tips - as little as 33p a day - surely you can afford that!

I do not offer free trials simply because my tips "keep me going" very nicely thank you and I don't need to bother with selling my tips - it can be more trouble than its worth dealing with people who think tips for £3.99 will make them an instant millionaire. I'm not like these people all over the internet, that don't know how to pick winners for a long term profit, so they sell their tips as the only way to make a few quid. After all the prices are really cheap and an ample supply of winners from just 26p a day must be a real bargain - I'm sure you'd agree

How The Selections Work

You will receive my selections in your email account usually in the early hours of the morning i.e. 7-9am. On some days there will be no selection - this is because there may not be a horse that is good enough to back. My method is to maintain a strike rate of at least 50% on my best tips. This then ensures that you can make a good profit from the bookie. Of course I will provide you with lots of tips, so that you can use your own judgement as to which selections based on form and your staking methods are right for you. Not all my tips will manage 50% strike rate, but the top tips such as the Top Rated and the Total Profit Racing etc will achieve this. Obviously nothing is guaranteed but you can be assured we have returned some great results every year, and continue to do so

NOTE: I don't guarantee there will be anything good enough to be selected every day, so in some cases there might be no top selection for that day. In this case your email will state "nothing for today". However I try to provide people with plenty of selections, so that if they must back something, they can do so. I encourage you to wait for either of my main selections, you will always be ahead overall. The maths are on my side - if I maintain 50% strike rate and the bookie pays me average odds of more than evens, then I have to be ahead overall. Its that simple

All my selection methods are carefully tested over the longer term to provide a profitable ROI i.e. they generally make money over the longer term. However there can be loosing runs and not all my racing systems perform as well as the others. I understand some people want to back something every day, and so I try to provide a tip of some sort virtually every day. Always remember that in racing literally anything can happen, and the best laid plans can come to nothing. Do not just dive in and think that everything must win if you are lucky, because this is very unlikely to be the case - selectivity and value is always the key. Remember that a tip is just that - just information - we cannot guarantee results as that would be impossible

Terms Of Service In Brief

The Horse Racing Tips service is a information service available by subscription. This means that by clicking on one of the buttons below, you create a subscription with us, covering our monthly or weekly fees. Once we receive confirmation that your subscription has been created, and monies paid, we will enter your email details in the database of subscribers. You will then receive information from us daily, so long as your account remains in good standing. However, if you decide to cancel your subscription, then all details of your account will be deleted and your email address will be removed from the database of subscribers immediately. You will receive no further contact from us, and no refunds will be issued for unused subscription periods. We do not pester anyone with emails, in fact if you cancel your account with us then we do not send out any further email at any time to you. If you would rather just receive free information, then do please signup for our newsletter, and you will receive lots of valuable interesting information free of charge. Above all do remember that there is no silver bullet or magic potion with racing, anyone can make an overall profit, but please don't think that success in horse racing is easy

Should you cancel your subscription by mistake, having not read or understood these terms correctly, then you will need to complete document "RS2005", the "Reactivation Statement", which we will send to your email address if asked. You must complete the statement in full and return it to us as soon as possible via email. We will then be able to add your details back into the database. However the Reactivation Statement "RS2005" can only be used once. Thereafter all cancellations/deletions are effective immediately, without refund, due to the high administrative costs of reversing cancellations. Please note sending excessive support emails to us just increases admin costs

For our full terms of service and standard disclaimer, please consult the Standard Disclaimer page

Monthly Service £12.50

To get started with the monthly service, please use the button below:

3 Month Special Discount £9.99

To choose the 3 month service, please use the button below:

12 Month Annual Special Discount £8.00

To choose the 12 month annual service, please use the button below:

Weekly Service £3.99

To get started with the weekly service, please use the button below:

Recent Results

All the results on this page are updated only occasionally, so please be patient to see the most recent results added below. The results printed on this page are real historical results, we do not try and trick you into thinking the results are better than they really are. I am unable to update the page more frequently due to the time factor involved, but I can promise you that eventually the most recent results will appear below. Please remember that there are no guarantees that results in the past will necessarily be repeated in the future, however the systems are carefully put together and tested, and over the 10 years plus I have been running and developing new horse racing systems, the results have not significantly altered year on year

Some Of The Best Gambles Landed From Our Racing Systems

Here are some of the best gambles landed recently. All prices quoted at SP or Starting Price. You generally get a better price than this at the online bookmakers and exchanges. Note: We don not always have a bet every day, this depends on the information from the courses as to whether a bet is available, whether a horse is good enough etc







Nov 1st



Nonno Giulio

WON SP 5/4

Nov 4th



Ballydague Lady

WON SP 5/2

Nov 4th



Bescot Springs

WON SP 3/1

Nov 7th



Derintoher Yank

WON SP 1/2

Nov 7th



Josses Hill

WON SP 8/13

Nov 10th



Tara View

WON SP 4/5

Nov 13th



Fox Norton

WON SP 5/2

Nov 14th



Earls Fort

WON SP 11/10

Nov 18th



Different Gravey

WON SP 1/1

Nov 19th




WON SP 4/5

Nov 29th



Fly Home Harry

WON SP 7/2

Please refer to the Standard Disclaimer on the standard disclaimer page, and remember no guarantees can be given. Please note: Results are updated on this page as time allows, and has nothing whatsoever to do with bad results or anything of that sort - I only have limited staff, which means me! and so during busy periods several months will pass before I get round to updating everything, however as the systems have all been working for several years, the results are reliable and we always make a profit every year on all systems given - this is fact. All you have to do is stick with the plan and as you can see from the previous results it will work for you in the end

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