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The Pro Form Selector Horse Racing Tips Service

So What Is The Pro Form Selector?

The Pro Form Selector is my own horse racing selection system based on the daily horse ratings that we provide elsewhere on this website. Over the years that I have been producing horse ratings - first as a hobby for myself and then more recently for sale for subscribers - many people have told me that they find it hard to follow the simple rules that are needed to work out the selections from the daily cards and ratings that come with the horse ratings service

So what I have done is to provide the actual selections themselves as a daily service, and also of course to list out all the selections on this page so that people can see that this is not "pie in the sky" but a real successful systemn that really works

Are You A Believer Or A Cynic?

Now of course I know that some people just can't believe it - the cynics. No one can make money with horse racing can they? - well so the cynics say - or I am only doing this to make money, that is selling my selections. But of course nothing could be further from the truth. Now don't get me wrong I know there is alot of tosh out there on the internet promising instant riches and that if only you pay them £100 a month, then you will be a millionaire. You and I know who the millionaire will be - and it wont be you or I!

So lets get real for a moment shall we? The plain simple fact is that yes you can make money from horse racing, but that doesnt mean its easy. There will always be loosing runs - which means you might get a succession of selections that will all lose - but there will also be winning runs - where every selection will win and overall you will still have made a profit. Some people tell me they tried it for a week and it didnt work - and I say what a week? are you crazy. Don't get me wrong I thought there were 52 weeks in a year!

Do You Miss Out On The Bottom Line?

So the bottom line is this there will be winners and there will be losers but overall we are generally ahead and in profit - even at SP or the starting price i.e. the price that the bookmakers pays just before the off. You will of course generally get much better than the SP if you place your bets online - or even in the bookmakers shop - because the online systems will usually give you the best price at the time when you back your horse. So if you place you bet at 9:30am you will pick up the best price at 9:30am and online systems are set so that if the price gets better in your favour between 9:30 and the off at say 2:00pm then you always pick up the better price

So my advice is get set for a long journey, don't expect instant riches - this is for the long hall. Dig in deep and get ready to place your bets, knowing that the system will provide lots of winners for you over a full 12 months. Now I am not making any guarantees because no one can guarantee anything in life, including crossing the road, it would be illegal for me to make guarantees about the future anyway - and yes all those other websites that promise you instant riches and so called "private information" - well let me tell you its all a load of tosh

It's All A Bit Like The Weather

The way I explain it to people is like this - suppose you went out 5 days - monday through friday and it rained every day. Now does that mean it rains every day? Well sure it rained everyday for those 5 days - but lets just say you got a bit unlucky, because no it doesn't rain every day. In fact you could have chosen a different 5 days and it would have been not a coud in the sky and you would be sunburnt and wishing that it would rain every day to cool you down!

Now if someone came to you and said that it always rains every day just because it rained for 5 days in November - you would think that there were nuts. Well its the same in horse racing. You could easily find 5 days when your selections might lose - probably due, funny as it seems to the weather, as soft ground is a killer for any prospect in horse racing. But of course that doesn't mean all the selections will lose - only that you hit a losing run. Just as soon as anything and withyout warning you will hit a losing run when you will wonder how things turned around so fast and you just backed winner after winner

Here's What I Provide

I send you the Pro Form Selector selections every day of the week to your email account. These are based on the horse ratings service, so you can be sure of getting the best tips of the day - every day. There will not always be a selection every day, but we always send you an email every day to confirm this i.e. that there is nothing to back today. You can then take the selections over to your favourite bookmaker and back the horses or just watch and see what happens as you wish. I keep the prices very low, so that all it costs is just a few pence a day, and so long as you have an email account somewhere we can get the selections up and running every day - 7 days a week - 365 days a year

Terms Of Service In Brief

The Horse Racing Tips service is a information service available by subscription. This means that by clicking on one of the buttons below, you create a subscription with us, covering our monthly, weekly or 3 monthly fees. Once we receive confirmation that your subscription has been created, and monies paid, we will enter your email details in the database of subscribers. You will then receive information from us daily, so long as your account remains in good standing. However, if you decide to cancel your subscription, then all details of your account will be deleted and your email address will be removed from the database of subscribers immdeiately. You will receive no further contact from us, and no refunds will be issued for unused subscription periods. We do not pester anyone with emails, in fact if you cancel your account with us then we don not send out any further email at any time to you. If you would rather just receive free information, then do please signup for our newsletter, and you will receive lots of valuiable interesting information free of charge. Above all do remember that there is no silver bullet or magic potion with racing, we can certainly make an overall profit, but please don't think that success in horse racing is easy

For our full terms of service and standard disclaimer, please consult the Standard Disclaimer page

Monthly Service £12.50

To get started with the monthly service, please use the button below:

3 Month Special Discount £9.99

To choose the 3 month service, please use the button below:

Weekly Service £3.99

To get started with the weekly service, please use the button below:

Results Of The Pro Form Selector: Non Handicap Version

All the results on this page are updated only occasionally, so please be patient to see the most recent results added below. The results printed on this page are real historical results, there is no attempt to conceal losers or try and trick you into thinking the results are better than they really are. I am unable to update the page more frequently due to the time factor involved, but I can promise you that eventually the most recent results will appear below. Please remember that there are no guarantees that results in the past will necessarily be repeated in the future, however the Pro Form Selector is carefully put together and tested, and over the 10 years plus I have been running and developing new horse racing systems, the results have not significantly altered year on year

Overall data for this plan is:
Strike Rate since inception 31/54 = 57% RETURNS to £1 stake £65 ROI = 110% - Remember early prices are 10% better then SP on average, so you can add 10 percentage points to the ROI figure for early prices i.e. you should make something like 20% clear profit with this one







Nov 4th



Ryedale Dancer

WON 8/11

Nov 5th



Another Bill

WON 5/6

Nov 9th



Stephanie Frances

WON 4/6

Nov 12th



Defi Du Seuil

WON 5/4

Nov 18th



Thomas Campbell

WON 4/5

Nov 26th




WON 1/8

Nov 28th



Coillte Lass

WON 1/3

Nov 28th



Top Notch

WON 2/5

Please refer to the Standard Disclaimer on the standard disclaimer page, and remember no guarantees can be given. Please note: Results are updated on this page as time allows, and has nothing whatsoever to do with bad results or anything of that sort - I only have limited staff, which means me! and so during busy periods several months will pass before I get round to updating everything, however as the systems have all been working for several years, the results are reliable and we always make a profit every year on all systems given - this is fact. All you have to do is stick with the plan and as you can see from the previous results it will work for you in the end

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