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Terms Of Service, Terms And Conditions, Standard Disclaimer And Money Back Guarantee

Terms And Conditions And Standard Disclaimer

Nothing on or provided by winningratings.com, "The Best Yet" Horse Ratings, or TBY Enterprises International, should be taken to provide any guarantee, or warranty, express or implied as to results, winners, losers, percentages, overall winners, positive return on investment, level stakes statistics, number of selections etc. Further, any person who chooses to use any information supplied by us accepts, in totallity, that such information is provided "as seen", and all risks, losses, expenses, gains, results etc are entirely the responsibility of the end user or subscriber. By making a payment to us you accept in full all these terms and conditions, and agree to comply with them at all times. You must further agree to comply with your own local gambling laws applicable in your local area. You must satisfy yourself that you are lawfully able to receive information from us. Any kind of betting is extremely risky, and should not be untertaken, unless the participants fully acknowledge and accept, that all stakes placed, whether for win only, accumulators, doubles, forecasts, laying, multiples, backing, spreads, or any other kind of staking or betting, may result in either the total stake being lost, or, in the case of laying, the liability for the win part of the bet "layed", also being lost. Any suggestion, statement, indication, forecast, example etc as to likely or possible future or past returns, found within this website, or in any advertisement for this website, or in any information provided by this website or any other partner website, should be taken as an illustration of possible results only. The actual returns or results achieved by following any information, tips, videos, emails, audio, ebooks, pdf reports etc provided by this website, are dependant on many factors, totally outside the control of winningratings.com, "The Best Yet" Horse Ratings and TBY Enterprises International. We offer no guarantee or warranty as to what the actual results will be, or the number or quality of selections obtained, nor is it possible to give any indication as to what the actual results might be, other than to say that some bets may win and some bets may lose. In agreeing to purchase information from us, you agree expressly, that "information" is all you are buying: most certainly there can be no suggestion that you are buying, or that we are selling, "results". On no account should subscribing to any of our services be taken to imply anything more than the simple provision of information, which may or may not turn out to be accurate in any one particular day, or over any one particular period. We accept no responsibility whatsoever for any results, whether favourable or unfavourable, which may obtain over any time period, and all subscribers must accept without question their own total consequential responsibility and total consequential liability for any gambling, betting, staking, etc which they may decide at their total discretion to engage in. Any financial or other losses or gains that may arise as a result of using our information are entirely the responsibility of the end user or subscriber. We always advise all users to be extremely careful before spending money on any kind of gambling, and certainly under no circumstances, should betting or gambling be regarded as an "investment". Gambling should be understood as a game of chance in which money is redistributed between the winners and the loosers, with the loosers potentially loosing everything. Should difficulties ever arise, which may indicate some form of gambling addiction, we strongly suggest you contact a suitably qualified professional for assistance. Do not spend normal housekeeping money on gambling, and never spend money you cannot afford to lose. Be aware that many bets will result in you losing all the money you have staked. You irrevocably indemnify "The Best Yet" Horse Ratings, winningratings.com and TBY Enterprises International against any and all losses, damages and costs or other expenditure suffered or incurred by any person in connection with or arising out of the use, receipt, distribution or other purpose that information received from us might be put. You agree that we shall not under any circumstances be liable to any person for perceived, estimated, expected, forecasted or actual lost profits or indirect, incidental, special, punative or consequential damages of any kind howsoever arising

On purchasing a subscription with us, you will receive daily horse racing or greyhound tip information and/or horse racing cards and ratings as may be applicable, in the form of a daily email which may or may not include a downloadable MSWord file containing Horse Racing Cards and Ratings, and which may also indicate that no tip is available on that day. Should you decide to cancel your subscription, your account will be deleted immediately from our database of subscribers, and no further information will be sent to you. On cancellation no refunds will be made for unused subscription periods i.e. if you purchase a 1 month subscription and cancel after 5 days, then no refunds will be issued for the remaining part of the month. Cancellation is deemed to be the ending by the purchaser or customer of the contract, with unused periods being regarded as being used in full. By purchasing a subscription with us you agree to the conditions contained in these terms and conditons. All subscriptions will automatically renew on their anniversary date - whether weekly, monthly or 3-monthly, however on cancellation all future renewals are immediately and automatically withdrawn by PayPal, our dedicated payment processor. Should you pay by some other method e.g. cash or cheques, then similar conditions shall apply

Making a purchase through this website shall commit any purchaser to a binding contract the terms of which shall be our standard terms of service as detailed herein. In particular, except for a one-off one day only purchase of Horse Racing Cards and Ratings being for a single day, all information shall be supplied by us strictly only on consideration by a purchaser of a valid and active and live subscription, necessitating a weekly, monthly or 3-monthly recurring payment, and such a payment and subscription shall be active, live and in process, that is, further payments are capable of being collected through the banking system, and such subscription is not cancelled. If such a subscription were to become cancelled then the act of cancellation shall be conclusively regarded as an immediate and complete end to the contract, irrespective of any unused subscription periods, and no further information shall be provied to the customer, until such time as the customer, buyer or purchaser entered into a new subscription, which was capabale as being regarded as active and/or live and in process. In the event that a cancellation resulted in unused periods, not being supplied, as originally intended, by reason of the cancellation, then the purchaser, customer, and/or client accepts without question, that no refund shall be requested or paid in respect of such periods, and that it is the customer, purchaser or clients actions in cancelling the subscription and thereby ending the contract that have resulted in such unused periods not being supplied

Money Back Guarantee

The Money Back Guarantee provided on this website is an essential requirement for doing business online. This ensures we comply fully with our Payment Processor, PayPal, who operate a payment protection scheme. However digital products are generally outside the terms of most banks and financial institutions, when it comes to making a claim, or reversing a charge. As our service is a daily email which is similar in nature to a newspaper column, it is therefore perishable in nature, and therefore impossible to exchange. While winningratings.com, is happy to provide a refund in appropriate circumstances, where it can be established that a genuine mistake occured, this does not extend to users who do not take the time to understand our service, the risks involved in betting, or issues related to the results achieved, which can be variable. Should you wish to take advantage of the money back guarantee, you should first contact us by letter indicating the reasons for your claim, and detailing whatever genuine mistake you feel you have made, which might give rise to us considering your refund request. In cases where refunds are made, the individuals names will be blacklisted from any future dealings, and no relationship, commercial or otherwise, will be entertained with individuals who have been afforded refunds. Failure to comply with the terms of this money back guarantee, in particular sending off multiple emails or other support requests, generating adverse publicity, or causing us significant administrative expense, or not contacting us in the manner proscribed above in the first instance will not result in any money being exchanged. In the rare cases where a subscriber decides to pay by other payment methods e.g. using cash or cheques, then no such money back guarantee shall apply

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